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Advanced L-Fare

The video game Advanced L Fare is not simply a normal 3D multiplayer shooter. Advanced L Fare uses an overall of ten maps with beautiful graphics that look like they had actually been built from box of bricks, and on every one of them, you will be able to try mode called "battle with a woman", where you will appear in the middle of a fierce battle against the ladies and their shopping bags. Do not get deceived, the girls can strike hard, according to what those, who currently got struck from them, informed us. It appears that they have bricks in those purses, so look out, and do not get one right in your head. Now, it is only approximately you, which side you decide to sign up with. Hopefully, you will be at least a bit satisfied with the reality that you can use versus them a shotgun or a good old AK. Anyhow, I would absolutely suggest to avoid short-range battles. Have a good time.


Web browser

Release Date

October, 2016