Apocalypse Z: Survival

Category: Action

Game Controls

*wasd* *mouse* *1**2**3**4* = items *tab* = pause/inventory *e* = continue/take *q* = medkit *r* = reload *c* = crouch *shift* = run *space* = jump
Zombocalypse is here! Everybody has turned into a bloodthirsty zombie. Your friends, your colleagues, and even your ex-girlfriend! Well, she wanted to kill you even before, but now, she is even deadlier! All are now smelling your scent of a human which is irresistible for them. They want your flesh so much that they would die for it. First night is approaching. Hide behind the sandbags and protect the most valuable thing - your own life. Once your survive your very first night in this hell, you will get a minute of relief. You can purchase some new handy guns, or work on your defenses. You can defensive items, such as walls, sandbags, or even turrets. These are all good news, but guess what... Next night is coming and it is gonna be even more bloody than the previous one. More zombies, more dead bodies on the ground. Be sure that we will not find there your one! Protect yourself and survive till the next day! Have fun.

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