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Color Snake

Category: Arcade
Tags: Avoid | Snake | Webgl | Html5 |

Game Controls

Mouse Only

Color Snake arcade Game - an old-fashioned endless arcade game. Color Snake is a brilliant endless arcade game where you control the color of a snake. Your snake is able to only hit objects of its own color . For instance, if your snake's red it are only able to strike red items. If you strike another color you'll be killed! If you are a fan of the classic snake game you'll surely enjoy this game. It is one of the most enjoyable snake games we've played. It's on par alongside other great games, such as Breakout as well as Color Splash. The controls are easy to master using the keyboard keys in order to make the snake move to the left, right, or forward. Players need to be quick to move their snake , and avoid the various colored blocks. Players should be on the lookout for the colored band that runs across the middle of their screen. Whichever color it is, the snake's color will change. Players also have to try and find the golden stars through the stages. You have the option of advancing through the obstacles or even attempting to catch stars. Sometimes, stars could cause players to fall! Some some obstacles remain stationary and they're easy to avoid. Some, however, move! They can be tricky for players and they need to be able to time their movements to stay clear of them. Make sure you check out our categories for snake games for similar titles as well as other thrilling online games. You can take the glowing dots off the screen to get an increase in speed and can help you eliminate objects more quickly. There's no end to this game . You have to try it out and see what scores you can earn! The graphics are awesome and the endless game will inspire you to try to beat your previous record! Control the colorful snake today!


Royale Gamers created this version of Color Snake.

Release Date

July 2018 (Android) and August 2018 (iOS). November 2018 (WebGL - online).

Ufo X


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