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Action games come in all kinds of different ways. Whether you want to jump past obstacles, fight your way through mounds of enemies or cause a bit of mayhem, then there’s no better place to get your fill! Did we mention that our games are free to play and require nothing more than a web browser? Whether it’s classic 2D platform games, cartoony adventures, strategy, or 3D games, there’s something you’ll love to play at every chance!

An action game is a video game genre that emphasises physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. The type includes a large variety of sub-genres, such as fighting games, beat them ups, shooter games and platform games. Multiplayer online battle arena and some real-time strategy games are also considered action games.

In an action game, the player typically controls a character often in the form of a protagonist or avatar. This player character must navigate a level, collecting objects, avoiding obstacles, and battling enemies with their fundamental skills as well as weapons and other tools at their disposal. At the end of a level or group of standards, the player must often defeat a more challenging boss enemy. It is usually a primary antagonist in the game’s story. Enemy attacks and obstacles deplete the player character’s health and lives. The player receives a game over when they run out of lives.

Alternatively, the player gets to the end of the game by finishing a sequence of levels to complete a final goal, and see the credits. But some action games, such as early arcade games, are unbeatable. They have an indefinite number of levels; with the player’s only goal being to get as far as they can to maximize their score. Read more here.


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