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Be prepared to fight, build, collect and pilot your way through a variety of challenging and addicting clicker games! With plenty of programs available, there’s always something here for everyone. Play around in wacky food scenarios or create your narrative through a variety of large scale RTS adventures and 2D side-scrollers. The only limit is the strength of your finger.

In an incremental game, a player performs a simple action. Usually, this action is clicking a button – which in turn rewards the player with a unit of currency. The player may spend their money to purchase items or abilities. After that, they allow the player to earn currency faster or automatically, without needing to perform the initial action. A common theme is to give the player sources of time-based income displayed as “buildings”, such as factories or farms. These sources increase the virtual currency production rate. Still, higher tier sources usually have an exponentially higher cost. So upgrading between tiers usually takes about the same time or even increasingly longer.

Some games feature a reset-based system where the player resets the progress of their game and gains another form of currency. This new currency is to gain global bonuses. These bonuses do not disappear after a reset, allowing the player to go further than the previous reboot. Incremental games vary as to whether they have a victory condition: games like Cookie Clicker enable the players to play indefinitely. Games like Candy Box! or Universal Paperclips feature endings after a certain amount of progress within the games. Read more here.


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