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Get ready to battle players around the world in real-time with our complete list of the most popular IO games! Show your mad skills by beating people’s high scores and rise to the top of the leaderboards. These multiplayer browser games feature unique gameplay and endless real-time competition. These games are a new genre of online games that are emerging from the success of Agar and Slither.

The general mantra of .io games is; keeping game mechanics very simple, matched by basic graphics, and an ability to play multiplayer games at the click of a mouse. These key features allow the games to be easily consumed and played to a high level of satisfaction throughout the 5 – 10 minute period.

Agar was the seed game. The user 4chan suggested the name, simply because all other related names like and weren’t available. At the time of naming, the .io top-level domain extension was relatively new, and the price was very high. So many dictionary term domains were still available. Another reason for its popularity is that the name stands out by being shorter than others, making it more memorable.

Later, Slither took advantage of the availability, presumably for the same reasons as Agar.

Following on from Slither, Agar, paper, and many new .io games wanted a piece of their predecessors’ success and popularity.

Today there are over 100 games within the genre, and even more, are publishing almost daily.

Last but not least, have a lot of fun playing these fantastic games and share them with your friends. Read more here

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