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City Car Driving Simulator 3

Night is setting upon the city, the finest time to run a series of insane illegal races in the streets! Everyone is participating, unfortunately, authorities patrols, too ... They do not like the fact that somebody is breaking the guidelines, but would it be fun otherwise? Tuned sports cars, roaring engines, first-class efficiency parts ... Proper driving gameplay! Prior to you head out into the streets to provoke local citizens, attempt to take an appearance into the garage, where you will be astonished by the amount of readily available tuning, which could be compared with games from Need For Speed series. You just have to choose the ideal video game mode when you have selected your dream vehicle. You can just wander easily and discover the beauty of the city, or experiment with far more difficult objectives for which you will get a money benefit, which you can use in the garage to purchase new car parts. You can get in following modes: Pursuit, Survival, Traiblazer, and Getaway, each with unique gameplay, so make certain to try them all! Have a good time.


BoneCracker Games made City Car Driving Simulator 3. Before that, they have previously made other driving games such as Zombie Derby


Web browser

Release Date

January, 2018