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Daddy Rabbit

Category: Action
Tags: Animal | Farm | 3d | Html5 | Zombie |

Daddy Rabbit is a fun web-based game designed to get children into coding! It was created and released by XOXO Network, the leading game studio specialized in building educational games. The multi-level game gets players to help the titular Daddy Rabbit build the perfect world by solving and creating puzzles. With levels full of learning and excitement, kids can keep playing and discovering new skills without being bored! And the best part is, it's totally free to play on the web!


  • 3D Anime-style cartoon environment
  • Coding challenges and puzzles
  • A variety of animals and minigames
  • Earn rewards and level up

Game Controls

  • Mouse/Trackpad to navigate
  • Keyboard to type commands and navigate menus

How to Play

Creating a Profile

Once you open the game, you'll need to create a profile with your name and avatar. All you have to do is click the ‘Create Profile’ button, fill in your details, and add an avatar. You'll now be able to start exploring Daddy Rabbit's world!

Playing the Levels

The game will start with a series of easy levels to get the hang of the basics of the game. You can move through the levels by connecting the pieces of the tree with the mouse or trackpad. Additionally, you can use the keyboard to type commands and navigate menus. As you progress through the game, the levels will get more and more challenging as you learn various coding techniques.

Animals and Games

Daddy Rabbit's world is full of fun animals and minigames that you can use to practice your coding skills. Each animal has its own unique challenges that you must solve to make them move around the world. The minigames become progressively more difficult, but the rewards you get from completing them make the challenges worth it.



Daddy Rabbit's world is an interactive 3D environment set in a cartoon world with colorful characters and imaginative settings. The game plays like a classic platformer where you must use coding to solve puzzles and complete levels. The game also features a variety of challenges that require you to use your coding skills to move objects around the world, interact with enemies, and solve puzzles.

Coding Techniques

The game utilizes various coding techniques such as functions, variables, operators, and more. The game also introduces concepts like loops, conditions, and functions for creating more complex coding structures.


Daddy Rabbit can be played online for free on the web. It can also be downloaded for Android and iOS.


The game is developed and published by XOXO Network, the leading game studio specializing in educational games.

Release Date

Daddy Rabbit was released to the public on May, 2021.

Similar games

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What age is Daddy Rabbit intended for?

Daddy Rabbit is intended for children aged 4-10 years old.

Does the game cost anything to play?

Daddy Rabbit is free to play on the web. There is also an Android and iOS version that must be purchased.

Are there in-game purchases?

No, there are no in-game purchases.

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