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Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot

Category: Action
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Super Crime Steel War hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is an exciting, action-packed and thrilling web game. These robots are ready to fight against the bad guys and win the war. This game will take players on an adventure full of high-tech robots where they are challenged to cooperate in a team to fight their way to victory. Along their journey, they will be able to upgrade their robot, arming them with higher tech capabilities and customization options for a more efficient and powerful fighting force.


  • Engaging and immersive gameplay
  • Various upgrade options for the robot
  • Customization options for robots and teammates
  • Complete missions and battle enemy teams
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and animation

Game Controls

  • WASD & Arrow Keys to move left and right
  • Spacebar to fire weapons
  • Right Mouse Button to accelerate
  • Left Mouse Button to brake

How to Play

Create a Robot

The first step of the game is to create your own Iron Flying Mech Robot. The players will select their design, color and name. After that they can choose to upgrade the robot with various things like guns, armor and engines. The players will then decide on the robot's fighting style in order to gain victory.

Choose Your Teammates

Once the robot is created, players will be able to choose their teammates. They will be able to select people who suit the robot’s fighting style and cooperate with them to win the war. Teammates can be chosen from around the world, allowing players to fully customize their team.

Go into Battle

With their team of robots, players will enter the arena, where they will battle against other teams and villains. The goal is to defeat the enemy before they can do any damage. The fight will be full of exciting battles and thrilling moments, as the robots battle each other to victory.


Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is available on the Web, Android, and iOS.


Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is developed by Seven Fish Inc.

Release Date

Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot was released in May 2021.

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Is this game free?

Yes, this game is free.

Is there any age limit to play this game?

No, there is no age limit to play this game. However, due to the nature of the game and its violence, parents should pay attention to their children's game time.

Is there local multiplayer?

Yes, there is local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer.

What type of robots can I select?

  • Quadcopters
  • Six Legged robots
  • Trackdrive robot
  • Remote-control robots
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