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Baseball Fury

Category: Arcade
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Baseball Fury is an upbeat and exciting web-based game that creates an immersive gaming experience. Players get to go on an unforgettable adventure as they play against their friends, family, or computer opponents. This fast-paced game features vibrant graphics, interactive sound effects, and challenging levels that guarantee hours of entertainment.


  • Engaging and authentic 3D graphics.
  • Challenging opponents with unbeatable AI.
  • An extensive variety of characters with different skills, traits and visuals.
  • Realistic and interactive environments.
  • Different levels and obstacles.
  • Exciting power-ups and special items.
  • Leaderboards and rewards.

Game Controls

  • Movement – Arrow keys, WASD
  • Action – Space
  • Pausing – Esc

How to Play

Choose your Character

Baseball Fury starts with the player choosing their character. There is a wide range of characters to choose from including ballers, sluggers and batting pros. Each one has its own special attributes and players can customize their character's look by changing their hair, skin color and clothes. They can even save multiple characters.

Select a Baseball Field

The player can select the baseball field they want to play the game at. The options range from classic stadiums to modern arenas. The game also features a variety of difficult levels, including beginner, intermediate and expert. Each field also comes with different obstacles and visual effects that make the game even more exciting.

Take Aim

In Baseball Fury, players have full control over the bat. They can choose an area to hit the ball and determine its trajectory. The game also features a unique aiming mode that allows players to practice their skills before they enter the game. This makes playing the game even more fun.


Hit the Ball

This is where the excitement really starts. Players take a swing with the virtual bat and hit the ball with full force. Then they can control their character as they run the bases. As the player runs, they can collect power-ups and special items to help them reach their goal.

Score Runs

As the player progresses, they must score runs and make it to home plate. This can be difficult, as the opposing team will have their own strategies and plays to stop the player. However, the game rewards the player for their effort and they can earn extra points by completing difficult tasks.

Win the Game

The player can win the game by being the first to run home plate. Once they do, they can bask in the glory of victory, unlock new characters, and move onto the next level. There is always something new to look forward to.


The game can be played on Web, Android and iOS devices.


The game was developed by Super Duper Games and was released in April 2021.

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Q: Is this game suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, the game features family-friendly graphics and content, making it suitable for all ages.

Q: Are there any in-game purchases?

A: No, the game is completely free and there are no extra purchases necessary to experience the full game.

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