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Blob Opera

Category: Arcade
Tags: Music | Html5 |

Blob Opera is a charming and cute game that mixes classic music, adorable characters and simple but interesting gameplay elements. Set in a bright and colorful world, players are introduced to a cast of silly blobs who are here to make music and have fun.


  • A vibrant and cartoon graphics style
  • A variety of instruments and tools to choose from
  • A cast of fun, cute and goofy characters
  • Simple and intuitive game controls
  • Records mode and Freestyle mode
  • Story mode to follow the story of the blobs
  • Different levels with increasing difficulty

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys – to move the blobs around
  • Spacebar – to make the blobs sing
  • Mouse – to select and drag instruments onto the characters

How to Play

Step 1: Choose a Character

At the start of the game, players will be presented with a cast of eight blobs to choose from. Each blob has their own unique appearance and range of instruments they can play.

Step 2: Select the Instruments

Once a character has been chosen, players will be taken to the instrument selection screen. From here, players can drag and drop instruments of their choice onto the blobs. Some instruments can be stacked up to create complex sounds!

Step 3: Record Your Music

Once the instruments are chosen, players can start to record their music! By pressing the spacebar, players can make their characters start to sing and move their bodies to the beat. Players can even use the arrow keys to move their characters around the stage.

Step 4: Playback Your Music

Once the recording has been made, players can listen to the music they have created and export it as an mp3 file. Alternatively, they can also share it with their friends or post it on social media.



There are a variety of tools and instruments available for players to choose from. Instruments such as guitar and drums can be used to create complex rhythms, whilst vocal effects and keys can be used to add tension and atmosphere. Players can also stack up different instruments and create interesting soundscapes.

Game Modes

Blob Opera has two main game modes: Records and Freestyle. Records mode allows players to record their music and save it as an mp3 file, whilst Freestyle mode allows them to create music in real-time and share it with their friends.


The game also features a variety of levels, which will challenge players with increasing difficulty. By completing levels, players will unlock new characters and instruments, as well as Story Mode which follows the story of the blobs.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Blob Opera is developed by BrainFish Games, an indie game developer from Canada.

Release Date

Blob Opera was released on June 1, 2020.

Similar games

If you like Blob Opera, you should check out Blob Party, a similar game from BrainFish Games. It has a similar style of simple and accessible gameplay, but with different characters and levels.


What is the game about?

Blob Opera is an charming and cute game that mixes classic music, adorable characters and simple but interesting gameplay. It's great for both casual gamers as well as music fans!

What platforms is the game available on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

When was the game released?

Blob Opera was released on June 1, 2020.

Game Controls

Adjust Tones
Left Mouse
Ufo X


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