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Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple

Category: Arcade
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Take control of the duo of Fireboy and Watergirld and take them through the perils of the Forest Temple!


  • You can control both characters at the same time
  • You can play with a friend
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Multiple levels

Game Controls

  • Use the arrow keys to control Fireboy.
  • Use A S D W to move Watergirl through the level.


Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple uses the combined effort of two characters to get them through the traps lying around. The game is logically based, so think carefully when solving the riddles along the map.

Use the basic laws of physics to solve other problems, like standing on one side of a bar and using your weight to get the other character atop a platform. Then, drop a crate to get yourself on the platform. For example, one of them must stand on a certain button or push a lever to get the other through a gap in the floor. 

Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple consist of 32 levels. The goal of the pair is to collect the diamonds scattered around the level. You need to look for creative ways to move around and avoid the traps.

Watch out for:

  • The fire pit – marked as a red puddle, it is safe for Fireboy to walk over, but will kill Watergirl.
  • Water lake – the opposite of that above. It is safe for Watergirl but will get Fireboy killed.
  • Green ooze – avoid it by all means necessary! It is harmful to both of our characters!


Collecting diamonds is the main objective of the game. Work your way to the exit of the level, but keep in mind that the two characters have separate exits that may be located on different parts of the level.


In Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple, two elemental friends decide to explore a mysterious temple deep in the forest. 

Get ready to take control of both characters. Venturing through levels, solving puzzles, and shiny diamonds await in the first game in the hit series. Help them explore and try to escape the forest temple. 

Your goal in the game is to control two characters and complete levels by solving puzzles. To solve the puzzles you have to control two characters as each challenging level requires teamwork to be solved.


The game is developed by Oslo Albet.

Other games by Oslo Albet, besides the Fireboy and Watergirl, include Snow Rider 3D and Road Crash.

Release Date

November 19, 2009, as a Flash game. It was updated in May 2018 as an HTML5 game that can be played on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Similar games

So far, five parts of the series have been created. All other sections introduce exciting mechanics that make the gameplay more engaging. Mechanics such as optical flow, portals, or advanced physics appear in the cold room of the Ice Temple.

These five games are great entertainment for children and older players alike. Working with other players is great fun and a great opportunity to spend time on the same side of the screen!

Fireboy and Watergirl is an Adventure game. Other popular games from the Adventure category include Kogama Big Adventure, Awesome Conquest, and 3 Pandas 2. Night.

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