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Tomb Run

Category: Arcade
Tags: Arcade | Webgl | 2d | Speed |

Tomb Run is an exciting and adventurous web game. Players must journey through a mysterious tomb and try to find the entrance out of the mazes and the hidden treasures inside. Along the way they must run, jump and dodge pitfalls, ghosts and other obstacles. Players are rewarded with coins and diamonds for completing the levels. They can then use these coins to purchase special upgrades and sets. So strap in your seatbelts and jump in on the thrilling adventure of Tomb Run!


Tomb Run offers players a range of exciting features such as:

  • Dynamic levels filled with traps and monsters.
  • Multiple game modes including Adventure and Arcade modes.
  • Beautifully designed graphics and sound effects.
  • Upgrades, sets, and special rewards for completing levels.
  • Daily challenges and leaderboards to compete with your friends.

Game Controls

To play Tomb Run you need to learn the game controls and movements such as:

  • Jump and double jump to overcome obstacles and pitfalls.
  • Duck down to dodge obstacles.
  • Use the arrow keys to move left and right.
  • Crouch and stay hidden from ghosts to sneak through them.

How to Play

Tomb Run is easy to learn and pick up. All you need to do is follow the simple game tutorial that is shown when you enter the game:

Start the Game

When you first enter the game, you will be taken to the web page where you are presented with the game tutorial. Read through the tutorial carefully and then press the “Start Game” button to launch the game. You will be taken to the main game screen where you can select the mode you want to play. Choose between “Adventure” or “Arcade” mode to start playing.

Playing the Game

Once you select your game mode, you will be taken to the tomb where the game takes place. You will see your character at the start of the level. Use the arrow keys to move left and right, press the “Spacebar” to jump and double jump, and press “S” to duck to dodge obstacles. You must also make sure to avoid spikes, ghosts, and other traps. Each level is filled with secrets and buried treasures that will reward you with coins upon collecting them. Coins can then be used to purchase special upgrades and sets. Reach the final level and you will find the entrance to the next maze!


Main Objectives

The main objective of Tomb Run is to complete the levels and reach the end. Players must traverse through the levels, dodge hazards and monsters, find buried treasures and reach the end. The levels become increasingly difficult as you progress, with more dangers and secrets to uncover. There is also time limits for some levels, adding in an extra sense of urgency to complete them in time.

Monsters and Hazards

The tombs are full of dangers and monsters. Players must try to avoid the monsters, or use the ducking feature to sneak past them. The monsters will move around the level, so it’s important to time your movement and evade them. You must also watch out for the traps and pitfalls scattered around the level. If you make contact with any of them, you will lose a life. If you manage to complete all the levels without losing your three lives, you will unlock the final level!


Tomb Run can be played on Web, Android, and iOS platforms.


Tomb Run was developed by Hexation Games, a small team of game developers known for their addictive and exciting titles such as Fruit King and Color Dash.

Release Date

Tomb Run was first released in March 2021.

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How do I get coins?

You can get coins by collecting the treasures that are scattered around each level. You can also get coins from completing levels and from daily challenges.

What do I use coins for?

Coins can be used to purchase special upgrades and sets. You can also use coins to purchase new characters and to customize the look of your character.

What are the daily challenges?

Daily challenges are special levels that players must complete within thegiven time limit. By completing the challenges, you can earn coins that can be used to purchase upgrades and set.

Can I play Tomb Run with my friends?

Yes, you can play Tomb Run with your friends. There is a leaderboard feature where you can compare your scores with your friends, and you can also challenge them to complete the daily challenges.

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