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Turbo Dismounting


Turbo Dismounting is an addictive and highly interactive game that involves cars and stunts based on physics. It is a game of crashing and smashing cars as you try to complete numerous missions, earn coins, and unlock more cars. The aim is to reach the highest score with the least damage taken for every round.


  • Challenging and addictive missions
  • Hundreds of cars to choose from
  • Realistic physics engine
  • Advanced damage system with visualizations and animations
  • Customizable environment and obstacles
  • Variety of levels to complete

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys to navigate
  • Space bar to select car
  • Left mouse click to choose obstacle
  • Right mouse click to delete obstacle

How to Play

Mission Select

Players start by selecting the mission that they want to complete. The mission can range from the nearest environment up to the most complex stunt that needs a few tries. Once the mission is selected a car will appear, and the game can begin.

Car Select

Players can make a selection of hundreds of available cars by pressing the space bar. The size, make and speed of the chosen car will determine the success rate of the mission. Players can unlock additional cars by earning coins during their stunts.

Obstacle Select

Obstacles can be added to the environment by left-clicking the mouse and selecting the desired obstacles. The obstacles added can range from ramps, barricades, grandstands, walls, and so on. Players can delete obstacles with a single right-click on the mouse.



Players can then perform stunts with the chosen car by either pressing the up or down arrow keys or the left and right arrow keys. Players can also use the accelerator by pressing the ‘W’ key. The stunts must match with the mission objectives, else the player will not earn any coins. Some stunts can be as simple as completing a round in the quickest time. Other stunts can involve surviving a jump with minimal damage taken. The more difficult the stunt, the higher the coins earned.

Round Completion

Once the stunt is completed, the round will be evaluated and the coins earned will be added to the current level. The coins can be used to unlock more cars in the main menu. After completing all the obstacles, the car will lose energy and stop. This indicates that the round is completed, and the player can choose to end the mission or restart the mission to increase their score.


  • Web: The game can be played on any web browser
  • Android: The game is available for download on the Google Play Store
  • iOS: The game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store


Turbo Dismounting is created by Secret Exit Studio, an independent game development studio in Finland. The game is produced and released by Secret Exit and is available on Web, Android and iOS.

Release Date

Turbo Dismounting was first released on March 22, 2017. It has since been updated with new levels, cars, and features. The latest version was released on December 7, 2020.

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What is Turbo Dismounting?

Turbo Dismounting is an addictive and interactive game where players have to complete stunts and earn coins to unlock additional cars. It is available on Web, Android, and iOS.

What are the game controls?

  • Arrow keys to navigate
  • Space bar to select car
  • Left mouse click to choose obstacle
  • Right mouse click to delete obstacle

What platforms does the game run on?

Turbo Dismounting is available on Web, Android and iOS.

Who is the developer of the game?

The game is developed and released by Secret Exit Studio, a game development studio in Finland.

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