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The Mergest Kingdom

Category: Puzzle
Tags: Build | Builder | Farm | Farming |

Mergest Kingdom is part of the addictive genre of Puzzle games. Reclaim your island kingdom from the ents, chop them down, and use them for resources to rebuild your domain!

Evil ents have conquered the Mergest Kingdom. You must take it back! Take control of the Royal Forces, including protagonists Hog Rider, King McArthur, Grizzly Bearington, Hog Rider’s frenemy Gingerbread (the two have killer dialogs), and more! Together, this mighty fellowship is bound for success! You are in charge of it and the kingdom will be rebuilt in your will!

Game Controls

The Mergest Kingdom is a typical Puzzle game from the builder simulator subgenre. It very strongly resembles the good old Farmville.  Left - click or tap on the ents you want to take down or on the resources you want to collect. Drag and drop to keep your kingdom in order and open spaces for some buildings.

Some lands, like the small island with the dragon head just off your shores, need to be conquered by serious force. Invading this particular one requires some 1000 soldiers.



The resources are indicated on the top of the screen.

First is your experience bar. The higher level you are, the more neighboring lands you’ll be able to claim. However, they are infested, so you’ll need Energy to clear them.

Energy – a renewable resource, Energy gets restored through time or by in-game purchases with gold or Rubies. It is required to chop down ents or erect buildings.

Ruby – the purple diamonds. They are for special game purchases or for quick building/recruiting. It can be obtained either by in-game purchase or from a chest or a bag and, very rarely, from Purple ore. Don’t be quick to spend it on simple tasks!

Gold – pretty much like the Rubies, but cheaper. It is more accessible from bags and chests, has a wider application than the Rubies, and purchasing with it usually costs more. It can be obtained by combining three piles of Red ore.

The Royal Army allows you to fight battles. The more soldiers you control, the better chance of success you’ll have. But it’s not only quantity. Through the levels, you’ll be able to recruit more powerful soldiers (Champions, Paladins, Knights, and more)!

Extra help gives you an extra gnome to help you with the building. It costs either 225 Rubies for a week, or a video ad for 15 minutes.

Collectible items

Merge kingdom has hundreds of collectible items that drop either from ents, chests, or bags. The most common, at least at the early stages of the game are the Bole, the Pineapples, and the Pumpkins. While the latter two are used in recruiting soldiers, the Bole can be upgraded to Planks that can be used erecting buildings.

Combine three

Merge Kingdom provides a very long list of item tiers. You can proceed through it by combining three items. For example, combine three Boles to get Planks. Combine three Planks to get a House, and so on! Be careful when combining, because you’ll be able to get some cool bonuses. If you combine 5 items, you’ll be able to get two from the next tier!

These items are usually a part of a Questline that has an epic reward at the end. Like, if you reach the Honey Hammer (the level 5 hammer) you’ll unlock Grizzly Bearington!


A true building simulator must have a farming system! Farming Pineapples and Pumpkins allows you to recruit more soldiers. Again, the two can be obtained through the level list of the Pineapple Slip and the Pumpkin Sprout. The final levels – Pineapple Fruit and Grown Pumpkin give Pineapples and Pumpkins at a fixed amount of time, but you can get them with either Gold or Rubies. The final level of both is Exhausted. Rework it to gain some Slips or Sprouts and some second-level items to create a new one!

Occasionally, you’ll be able to obtain Slips or Sprouts by killing some purple flies. You’ll encounter blue ones, too. They give you an Energy boost.


You can find all the aforementioned items in several shops. However, the cost is either Gold or Rubies. The Fruit and the Resource shops speak for themselves. A more interesting option is the Discount Shop. There, you can buy Coffers, Cases, Hammers, Caskets, and even a Mechanical Worker, all through Rubies.

Of course, there are either some free options or some that cost gold when you first visit a certain shop.

Other purchases

The game has certain events or purchases that can be bought by Rubies. They can be a fun and useful boost to your game. Check out Magic Island, Energy Feast, and the Extra Help.


Your main quest is to retake Mergest Kingdom. As you progress on it you’ll encounter more quests that allow you to get extra characters. Usually, the quests consist of either erecting a building or creating an item through merging.

Be sure to complete daily quests. They will give you additional Coins or Rubies.


Mergest Kingdom first appeared in the Android and iOS app stores. A month later it received a browser release as an HTML5 game!


Mergest Kingdom is developed by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. They develop games for both mobile and desktop, Android, iOS, and HTML5. They are based in Soho, Singapore.

Clever Apps has several cool games like Secrets Of Charmland, Candy Riddles, Heroes Of Match 3, and Sugar Heroes.

Release Date

  • April 2021 (Android and iOS)
  • May 2021 (HTML5)

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