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Drunken Boxing

Category: Sports

Have you ever wanted to be in a boxing match and be a bit sloppy at the same time? Then Drunken Boxing is the game for you! This game will have you competing in an outrageous boxing match. You will be sparring with your opponents while drunk with power-ups like beer and whisky! The game also comes with a massive list of bonus levels! The game also has a loop of endless random levels for endless fun!


  • Round-based play
  • Fun box-style graphics
  • Unlockable bonus levels
  • Various power-ups to drink
  • Endless levels

Game Controls

  • Movement: Left and Right arrows (or 'A' and 'D')
  • Punch: Up arrow (or 'W')
  • Uppercut: Down arrow (or 'S')
  • Drink Power-ups: Space
  • Pause: P (or Ctrl)
  • Quit: Q (or Esc)

How to Play

The goal of Drunken Boxing is to become the Champion of the boxing ring with all the rounds and special bonuses. The game is easy to learn; all you have to do is move left and right, punch, and drink power-ups while the match is in progress.

Round-Based Play

When you start the game, you will be placed in the middle of the ring with two opponents on each side. Your opponents are controlled by the computer and will move around and try to land punches on you. The objective is to dodge their punches as much as possible and deliver your own to knock your opponents out. You must do this for each round of the match before progressing to the next one. The game is divided into different rounds, each one becoming increasingly difficult as you progress. After you complete the initial rounds, you will be awarded with special bonuses like health powerups and stronger punches.

Drinking Power-ups

Each stage of Drunken Boxing is filled with unique powerups that you can pick up in order to improve your performance. These can range from beer and whisky, which can make you drunk and increase your speed and power, or health powerups that will restore your health bar. You can pick up these powerups by pressing the space bar while on the ring. Using the power-ups properly can give you the edge over your opponents!


In Drunken Boxing, you will fight your opponents in a boxing ring in a two-dimensional world. You will move left and right and use punch and uppercut controls to perform combos and knock out your opponents, while avoiding their attacks. You can also drink various power-ups for extra power, speed, and health.


In each stage, there are various bonus levels to be unlocked. These bonus levels are unlocked by completing different tasks such as completing the maximum number of rounds, dealing a certain amount of damage, and drinking all available power-ups. These bonus levels come with special rewards like extra life and booster items.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Drunken Boxing was created by Delight Games, an independent game studio based in London, UK. They are known for their pixel art and retro games.

Release Date

Drunken Boxing was released in February 2021.

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How do I downgrade my game?

If you are playing the game on a device that supports downgrade functionality, you can downgrade your game to a previous version. To do this, you will need to navigate to the 'Settings' menu and select the 'Downgrade Game' option.

How do I save my progress?

Your progress will automatically be saved when you complete a match or exit the game. You do not need to manually save your progress.

Can I play Drunken Boxing with a friend?

  • Yes, you can play Drunken Boxing with a friend by using the multiplayer functionality.
  • The game also supports online mode, so you can play it with players from all around the world.
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