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> is a cool multiplayer io video game involving awesome lorries and crushing mechanics. It is an all-out car derby affair and you must attempt and squash your challengers in the arena prior to they squash you!Watch out as you are driving as you might smash into challenges and damage your car.



Vehikill (io) was developed by Pixelface.


Web browser

Release Date

March 2019

More Information About Vehikill (io)

Vehikill (io) is a fantastic car games game that you can play on, free of charge. Vehikill (io) uses WebGL to run without trouble in all modern browsers. It is playable in full-screen to avoid any distractions. Pixelface created Vehikill (io). Vehikill (io) has been played by 215,030 people and has received a rating of 8.7 / 10 by 1,459 people.