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Basket Games

Basket games are one of the most popular genres on These games focus on having players jump and shoot a ball into a basket to score points. Players can compete against other players, or work together in cooperation to beat levels.

The exciting thing about basket games is that there are innumerable variations and ways to play a game. Developers create very unique ways of playing a basket game, from a game based on classic shooting hoops, to 3D basketball simulations with real-looking players.

Types of Basket Games

Basket games come in a variety of types. There are single-player arcade games in which you try to score as many points as possible. There are also multi-player team games in which two teams compete to see who can score the most points. There are also “shooters”, in which you fire balls at a basket or target.

  • Classic Hoop Shooting Games
  • 3D Simulation Games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Online Shooting Games
  • Mini Golf Games

Best Browser Basket Games

If you are looking for the best basket games available on, here are some of our highest-rated titles:

  • Basket Dunk!
  • Basketball Master
  • 3 Point Shootout
  • Super Slam Dunk
  • Street Ball Showdown

These browser basket games, along with many other exciting titles, can be played for free, right here on So be sure to check them out and have some major fun!