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Cars Games

Cars games have been around for decades, and for many, they are some of the most enjoyable games available. Cars games are defined by their use of fast-paced, thrilling gameplay and by the various vehicles and tracks featured. The goal of most Cars games is to race other players or computer opponents, with the goal of setting the fastest time possible.

Types of Cars Games

Cars games come in a variety of sub-genres, including racing, stunt driving, demolition derby, and more. Racing games involve a player using a variety of vehicles to race against opponents, either human or computer controlled. Demolition derby games typically involve two or more players attempting to wreck each other’s vehicles through creative driving and tactics. Stunt driving games involve completing various stunts and tricks with a vehicle, while off-road driving games involve navigating various terrains and completing tracks before the time runs out.

Best Browser Cars Games

Looking for a high-quality Cars game to play inside your web browser? Check out some of our favorites games in the list below:

  • Need for Speed: Edge
  • Street Race Fury
  • Red Driver 3
  • Turbo Rally
  • Race Driver Classic

Whether you are looking for a fast-paced, thrilling racing game or a more relaxed off-road driving game, there is something here at for you!