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Endless Games

Endless games are a unique type of game where the objective is for the player to achieve a high score by reaching a milestone, often through continually performing a certain action such as getting points. Endless games are typically endless because the high score can never truly be reached, and the way to win is to get as many points as possible. These games often have minimal graphics and rely on effective gameplay to be successful.They can be found in various platforms such as mobile phones, desktop computers, and even gaming consoles.

Types of Endless Games

Endless games come in many different styles and genres including:

  • Arcade Games – games in which the player needs to reach a certain milestone by special input to increase their score.
  • Sports Games – games that involve physical activity in order to obtain a score.
  • Strategy Games – games in which the player needs to think strategically in order to move their character(s) closer to their goal.
  • Role-Playing Games – games in which the player takes on the role of another character in order to achieve a milestone.

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