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Noob Games

Noob games are designed to be intuitive and educational, allowing players of all levels of skill to experience the joy of video games. offers a wide variety of these titles - from classic arcade-style shooter to educational problem solvers to adventure-style action games - all of which have been tailored to the particular skills and interests of the modern era's player.

Types of Noob Games

Noob games can range in genre and style to appeal to a variety of players. From educational puzzle entries to in-depth role-playing and strategy games, has a title for everyone.

The most popular Noob games tend to be:

  • Action games
  • Simulation games
  • Strategy games
  • Educational games
  • Arcade games
  • Adventure games

Best Browser Noob Games

Brower-based Noob games offer casual, pick-up-and-play enjoyment, often with better graphics and performance than downloadable versions. has an extensive list of browser-based Noob titles, with something to satisfy every kind of gamer.

Whether searching through the arcade section or the various puzzle games, has some of the best Noob games on the web. From classic, time-tested titles to brand new experiences, there's always something new to discover.