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Animal Games

A wide variety of animal games are available in our selection, ranging from interactive animal virtual pet games like Hatchlings and Pou, to colorful casual animal games like Pet Rescue Saga and Sheep Adventure. Role-playing games like Gully Cricket and Zoo Empire let you build and manage a bustling animal-themed business, while farming and cooking related games like Farm Frenzy and Cookie Connect let you raise, harvest, or bake all kinds of animals. Whether you choose to be adventurous or creative, there’s an animal game for you here.

Types of Animal Games

Animal games come in all shapes and sizes, from classic board games like Catan and Zertz to feature-packed flight simulators like My Dolphin Show and Bird Flyers. For gamers who love a challenge, there are action-packed war games like Tatooine Rescue and Shark Armageddon, where you fight waves of fierce monsters or maneuver your way through tricky terrain. The right mix of cute and brutal, animal games let you unleash the animal inside.

Best Browser Animal Games

The best browser animal games bring you great graphics, immersive role-playing, and wide-open adventure. These include games like Mutiny: Pirate Adventure, a thrilling pirate-themed game, and WolfQuest, an MMO action-strategy game where you play as a wolf and explore the wilderness and look for food. Both these and other animal-themed browser games let you experience a world of living creatures, hunting, competing, and surviving.

Grab your keyboard and step into the amazing world of animal web games at Get ready for a wild and amazing ride!