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Mine-Craft.io is an online multiplayer game that has been around since 2012. It is a block-building game inspired by the critically acclaimed and beloved solitaire classic Minecraft. The game allows players to take on the roles of miners who seek to explore and harvest resources from an open world environment in order to build structures, craft tools and weapons, and survive in a world filled with monsters.

The game utilizes an innovative mix of strategy, puzzle and automated battle elements to provide an exciting, action-packed experience. It also boasts a wide range of customization options, including a variety of weapons, tools, building materials and characters.


  • Online Multiplayer game
  • Build and explore an endless world
  • Gather resources to craft tools and weapons
  • Choose from many different character customization options
  • Engage in exciting combat with a variety of monsters
  • Protect yourself with items and gear
  • Create unique artifacts with special crafting recipes

Game Controls

  • Movement – WASD or arrow keys
  • Digging - Right Click
  • Crafting - Shift
  • Inventory - E
  • Chat – Enter

How to Play

Creating Your Character

Mine-Craft.io is a game where you can choose and customize your character with different blocks. You can choose between different body shapes, clothing and hair, accessories, and equipments. That way, you can build a miner that perfectly fits your style.

Exploring the World

When you enter the game, you'll be able to explore different landscapes of the world. You can find various resources to craft equipment, including wood, stone, and metal, as well as other items that you can use for trading. As you explore the world, you'll also find caves, dungeons, and encounters with monsters.

Building and Crafting

Mine-Craft.io's building mechanics are fairly straightforward. You can use the mined materials to craft different tools and weapons, as well as build walls and structures. The crafting system allows you to create items of your own design and, with enough resources, you can also create powerful magical artifacts.

Combat and Survival

The monsters in Mine-Craft.io come in all shapes and sizes. You can face off against a variety of different enemies, ranging from zombies and skeletons to spiders and dragons. You can use your skills and weapons to defeat the monsters and survive in the world. You can also use certain items to protect yourself, such as shields and armor, or you can simply use your wits to make sure you stay alive.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Mine-Craft.io was developed and published by PocketMine Games. The team behind the game includes a bunch of veteran game developers with a deep knowledge of the craft.

Release Date

Mine-Craft.io was released on April 25, 2012.

Similar games

Other similar block-building games include Minecraft, Block Story, Block World and My Block World.


What resources can I find in the game?

You can find a variety of resources in Mine-Craft.io, including wood, stone, and metal. You can also find other items like gems, eggs, and shards that you can use for trading.

What character customization options are available?

You can customize your character with different body shapes, clothing and hair, accessories, and equipments.

What type of monsters can I face?

  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Spiders
  • Dragons
  • And more!

Are there items that I can use to protect myself?

Yes, you can equip yourself with different items to protect yourself, such as shields and armor.

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