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Winter Clash 3D is an online survival battle arena game for kids. The goal of the game is to outscore other players by shooting and killing as many enemies as possible. The game is set in wintery Arctic environment and you have to have sharp reflexes a


  • 3D Shooter Arena game
  • Character Skins & Gun Skins
  • Various maps to explore
  • Realistic 3D environments
  • Various weapons & Items
  • Leaderboard that shows how many kills and how long you have survived each roundGame Controls
    • Movement - WASD
    • Aim - Mouse
    • Jump - Space Bar
    • Fire β€”Left Click
    • Reload - R Key
    • Switch Weapons - Q and E Key

How to Play

Sign Up & Login

To get started, you need to first register and create an account with your email address and preferred username. After that, you can log in to the game to start playing.

Choose a Server

After login, you need to cho


Winter Clash 3D is web-based, but there is also an Android and iOS version of the game that can be downloaded from the respective app stores.


Winter Clash 3D was developed by VIXIO game studio.

Release Date

Winter Clash 3D was released on March 17, 2021.

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How do I play Winter Clash 3D?

To play Winter Clash 3D you need to register an account, choose a server and customize your weapons, then you can join the battlefield. You need to shoot and kill as many enemies as possible to increase your score

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