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Cube City Wars

Category: Action
Tags: Action | 2 Player | Battle | Gun | Weapon | Html5 |

Cube City Wars is a web-based action-packed game. It provides players with a fun and challenging gaming experience. It is an exciting game set in a 3D virtual city. It follows the story of a hero fighting to protect the city from an invading force using a variety of weapons and power-ups. You can choose between a single-player and multiplayer mode. The game also offers a variety of missions, rewards and unlockables. The aim is to defeat your enemies, complete missions and unlock powerful weapons to progress through the game.


  • 3D virtual city environment
  • Unlockable weapons and power-ups
  • Missions to complete
  • Rewards for completing missions
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Player vs. player battles
  • Various maps to explore

Game Controls

  • Movement – Up arrow, Down arrow, Left arrow and Right arrow keyboard keys
  • Jump – Spacebar key
  • Shoot – Mouse Left-click
  • Reload – Mouse Right-click
  • Switch weapons – Keyboard keys 1-9

How to Play

Defeat Enemies

The game begins with a basic tutorial on how to defeat enemies. You must use a variety of weapons such as guns, missiles, or even the environment to your advantage. You can also use power-ups to enhance your abilities during the battle. To progress through the game and complete missions, you must survive and defeat the enemies.

Unlock rewards

You will be rewarded for completing missions with powerful weapons and items which can be used to upgrade your in-game character. Some rewards also give you access to special areas within the game. You can use these rewards to make the game more exciting.

Explore the city

The virtual city of Cube City can be explored in the game. You can explore different areas and complete side missions in a variety of ways. You can also interact with NPCs and progress in the storyline of the game. With each mission completed, you can unlock new areas and acquire powerful weapons or items.



The game includes unlockable content such as weapons, power-ups, and characters. These can be found by completing missions or by finding hidden items. Unlocking these items can help you progress in the game. Each item provides a unique ability and can be used to your advantage in the action-packed battles.


The game consists of several maps with a variety of levels which can be explored. The levels are filled with enemies, missions, and rewards. Each level is unique and offers a different challenge for the players to complete. As you progress through the game, you will be able to explore more of the city and discover hidden secrets.

Multiplayer Mode

The game also offers a multiplayer mode where you can fight with or against other players online. You can join in with friends or complete missions as a team. You can also compete in player versus player battles. This mode adds a layer of depth to the game and offers players the chance to test their skills against one another.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Cube City Wars was developed by the game developer SuperMegaCorp. They specialize in creating fun and challenging gaming experiences. They are also known for their multiplayer battle games.

Release Date

The game was released in April 2020 for web, Android and iOS platforms.

Similar games

Cube City Wars is similar to other action-packed web-based games such as Super Mario 3D World and Bloon Warfare. These games follow similar game mechanics but with a different visuals and game levels.


What type of game is Cube City Wars?

Cube City Wars is a 3D web-based action-packed game. You can play it on web, Android and iOS platforms. The aim of the game is to progress through the storyline while defeating enemies, exploring the city and unlocking rewards.

Do I need to pay to play Cube City Wars?

No, Cube City Wars is a free-to-play game. You only need to download the game to start playing.

Can I play the game with my friends?

Yes, the game offers a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or compete in player versus player battles.

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