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Pill Soccer

Category: Sports
Tags: Football | Soccer | Head | 2 Player |

Pill Soccer is an online game created for children that provides a fun and exciting soccer experience. It has vibrant visuals, immersive sound effects and easy-to-learn controls. The objective of the game is to help players better understand the basics of the popular sport with a novel approach.


  • Vibrant visuals
  • Immersive sound effects
  • Easy to learn controls
  • A variety of levels
  • Power ups
  • Online leaderboard

Game Controls

  • Keyboard: W, A, S, D for movement
  • Spacebar for jumps and running
  • Mouse to shoot and perform other commands

How to Play


The main objective of Pill Soccer is to get the highest score by taking shots on the goal. To do this you have to move the player around with your mouse or keyboard, avoid obstacles and enemies, and take shots on the goal.

Starting the Game

The game can be started by pressing the start button. You will then be taken to the main screen, where you will find all the controls needed to play the game. You can choose between a keyboard or mouse control, and you should familiarize yourself with the controls before starting the game.


While playing the game, you will have to navigate the field by pressing the appropriate keys on your device, or using your mouse. You will also have to dodge obstacles, such as spikes and blocks, in order to make it to the goal. You will have three lives, and when you lose them, your game will be over.

Goals and Rewards

The goal is to shoot as many balls as possible in the goal, while avoiding obstacles and enemies. As you progress, the levels will become more challenging. When you reach a certain score you will receive rewards, such as extra points, or items that can give you a temporary advantage over your enemies.


  • Web: playable in any web browser.
  • Android: can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • iOS: can be downloaded from the App Store.


Pill Soccer is developed by Paper Penguin Studios. It is their first game, and it has been highly praised for its innovative and fun approach to teaching children the basics of soccer.

Release Date

Pill Soccer was released in August, 2020.

Similar games

Other popular soccer-themed games include Super Soccer Blast, Foot Chinko, Pocket Soccer and Soccer Simulator.


What are the controls?

The game can be controlled either using the keyboard (W, A, S, D for movement and Spacebar for jumps and running ) or with a mouse (to shoot and perform other commands).

Is the game suitable for kids?

Yes, Pill Soccer was created for children and its visuals, controls and level design are suitable for young players.

What devices can I play the game on?

  • Web: playable in any web browser.
  • Android: can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • iOS: can be downloaded from the App Store.
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