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Bazooka Boy Online

Category: Action
Tags: Kiz10 | Casual | Gun | Shooter |

Bazooka Boy Online is a fun and exciting arcade style platformer game, powered by HTML5 technology. The main character is Bazooka Boy, a young explorer, who journeys through various levels while fighting against enemies, overcoming traps, and destroying obstacles. The objective of the game is to collect coins, blast away objects, and complete levels. Different obstacles and power-ups will help players throughout the journey.


  • 3D colorful, cartoon-style graphics
  • Adventure in different levels and themed worlds
  • A variety of enemies to battle with
  • Collect coins and power-ups to upgrade
  • Exciting music and sound effects

Game Controls

  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Z-Key – Fire Bazooka
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys – Move left/right

How to Play

Starting a New Game

To start a new game when you open the game web page you need to select the "Play Now" button. You will be asked to type in your name or nickname, after which you can enter the game. You will have to complete three levels before you can unlock new levels. At the end of each level you will be awarded with coins, which you can use to unlock new features.

Levels and Enemies

The objective of the game is to complete each level by blasting enemies, jumping over enemies and obstacles, and collecting coins and power-ups. Each level comes with its own unique challenges, enemies, obstacles and environments. As you progress through the game, you will encounter a variety of enemies, ranging from aliens to zombies. All of these enemies can be defeated by launching your bazooka or by luring them into traps.


Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of power-ups. These power-ups range from health packs to invincibility and extra life. Every level comes with its own set of power-ups, which can be collected or bought using coins. You can also buy special weapons and upgrades using coins.


Exploration and Adventure

The game starts with the player in a 2D platformer world. The players need to explore the levels, blast away enemies, collect coins and power-ups, and complete levels. Each level come with its own objectives, challenges, and environments. The player needs to use their agility, skip obstacles, blast enemies, and choose weapons wisely. As the player progresses through the game, they are rewarded with coins and experience points, which can be used to purchase and upgrade weapons, power-ups, and special items.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the game is to complete each level by overcoming the challenges and enemies. Each level come with its own objectives that need to be completed before the player can progress to the next level. For example, in some levels the players will need to find a key and unlock the gate, or defeat a giant boss enemy to progress. As the player progresses, they will unlock more levels and gain more coins to use for upgrades and bonuses.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Bazooka Boy was developed by Rimind, a game studio based in the United Kingdom. The studio was founded in 2010 and focuses on creating fun and engaging games with the goal of providing players with immersive and entertaining experiences. The team behind the studio is made up of experienced developers, artists, and game designers, who continuously strive to create innovative and enjoyable experiences.

Release Date

Bazooka Boy was released on March 2, 2017, and is available in web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Similar games

Other similar games are Mr Boom, American Pixels, Super Pocket Football and Slam Jet Stadium, all of which are arcade-style platforming games powered by HTML5 technology.


What platforms are Bazooka Boy Online available on?

Bazooka Boy Online is available on web browsers, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Is Bazooka Boy Online free?

Yes, Bazooka Boy Online is free to play.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Bazooka Boy Online?

No, Bazooka Boy Online is currently a single-player game.

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