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Friday Night Funki Noob

Category: Arcade
Tags: Music | Kiz10 | Minecraft | Bestscore |

Friday Night Funkin’ Noob is an online game created by Noodlecake that is a music-based game that tests players' skills. The game allows players to create and join up beat and funky music with their friends for a chance to win prizes, achieve high scores and earn creative rewards.


  • A wide range of music genres, instruments, and styles to choose from
  • A “random” song generator
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Different power-ups to help progress through each level
  • Score and achievement tracking

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys to control the Noob and the music
  • Mouse to select and activate options
  • Space bar to pause and resume the game

How to Play

Creating a Song

The first step in playing Friday Night Funki Noob is creating your own song. Players can pick a range of different genres, instruments and styles to create their own track. They can also adjust the difficulty level, the length of their track, and the number of instruments they want to use. This can be done either by customizing the track or by creating a “random” song. Once a player is happy with the track they have created, they can then progress to the game.

Game Play

Once a player has started the game, they will be presented with a series of levels in which they must make it through. Each level will have a set number of notes that must be activated with either their left or right hand by pressing the corresponding arrow key. As the player progresses through each level, their score will increase, as well as their chances of winning prizes and earning rewards.

Throughout the game, players will also be able to collect coins to spend on various power-ups that can help them in their quest. They can use the coins on things like a note multiplier or a score multiplier, as well as a variety of other items. And, if they manage to get a high enough score while playing, they may even be able to unlock special achievements.


Friday Night Funkin' Noob is available on the web and on both Android and iOS.


Friday Night Funkin' Noob was developed and published by the Canadian indie game company Noodlecake.

Release Date

Friday Night Funkin' Noob was released on October 15, 2020.

Similar games

Similar games to Friday Night Funkin' Noob include popular rhythm-based games like Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution and Audiosurf.


What kind of game is Friday Night Funkin' Noob?

Friday Night Funkin' Noob is a music-based game that tests a player's skill in rhythm and timing. Players must utilize the arrow keys to move their character, the Noob, and activate music notes to keep pace with the song they have created.

How do I create my own song?

You have two options for creating a track in Friday Night Funkin' Noob. Players can customize their track by selecting a genre, length, number of instruments, and difficulty level. Alternatively, you can choose the “random” option which will generate a track for you.

What kind of prizes can I win?

  • High scores give players the chance to win in-game rewards like coins and power-ups.
  • Achievement tracking allows players to gain access to bonus levels.
  • Players have the chance to win real-world prizes in the form of game codes.
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