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Zombie Catcher Online is an online video game inspired by zombie culture and designed for children and adults of all ages. The game consists of multiple levels, each level consisting of a different city which the player can explore. Players have the go


  • Explore multiple levels and cities
  • Upgrade weapons with coins
  • Catch zombies to earn points
  • Play mini-games
  • Participate in daily challenges
  • Choose from 3 different characters
  • Collect power-ups to gain

    Game Controls

    • Arrow keys to move the player
    • A and D to jump
    • Space bar to shoot the zombie
    • Mouse to aim the gun
    • Q and E to reload the gun
    • S to activate power-ups

How to Play

Character Selection

At the beginning of the game, the player is presented with the option to choose a character. There are three characters to choose from: A scientist, a soldier, and a fireman. Each character has different abilities and stats.


Movement & Aiming

The player can move their character using the arrow keys, and they can aim the gun using the mouse. The player can shoot the zombies using the space bar and they can reload the gun using the keys Q and E. Power-ups can be


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Zombie Catcher Online was developed by Chrome Interactive, a video game development studio based in San Francisco.

Release Date

Zombie Catcher Online was released on January 4th, 2021.

Similar games

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