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In Snail Bob 7, the player takes on the role of a snail. The player has to help Bob the Snail complete his tasks in order to move on to the next level. The game has fun graphics and wonderful music in the background which adds to the overall gaming exp


  • 9 levels to explore and complete;
  • Level editor to create your own levels;
  • Interactive objects that you can interact with;
  • Various collectibles like coins and stars;
  • Enemies like spiders and snails;
  • <

    Game Controls

    • Left and Right arrow keys - move left and right;
    • Up arrow key - jump;
    • Space Bar - pause and unpause the game;
    • Escape - go back to the main menu;
    • - shift - speed up the game;
    • Tab - switch between

How to Play

Main Menu and Levels

Snail Bob 7 has a main menu which has all the game options like play game, level editor, settings, help, and quit. You can choose from 9 levels to play, or create your own levels with the level editor. From the level select



The game has various types of objects that you can interact with. Most objects like blocks and boxes will push Bob when you press left or right arrow. There are some platforms that rise and lower when Bob stands on them. You can also fi


Snail Bob 7 is available to play on the web, in Android, and in iOS.


Snail Bob 7 was developed by the award-winning studio Andrey Kovalishin.

Release Date

Snail Bob 7 was released on November 1st, 2020.

Similar games

If you are looking for more games that are similar to Snail Bob 7, other great options would be Super Snotput, Snail Bob World, and Snail Rush.


How do I play Snail Bob 7?

To play Snail Bob 7, you need to use the left and right arrow keys to move Bob, the up arrow key to jump, space bar to pause and unpause the game. You can also use the -shift- to speed up the game, and the tab key to

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