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Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Category: Sports

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is a thrilling web game for kids that puts your reflexes to the test! You can outplay your opponent by blocking their shots and making your own! The game allows you to compete against a range of opponents, from friends and family to worldwide rivals. Can you defeat them all and become the ultimate Penalty Challenge champion?


  • Play as either a player or a goalie
  • Choose to play single or two-player mode
  • Customizable settings
  • Collect powerups for special bonuses
  • Compete against randomly generated computer opponents or family and friends
  • Compete in online leaderboards

Game Controls

  • Left/Right arrow to control the goalie
  • Spacebar to jump

How to Play

Choose Your Character

At the start of the game, you can choose to play as either a player or as a goalie. Players are tasked with kicking and making goals, while the goalie's duty is to block shots and keep the goal untouched. Choose the character that fits you best and you're ready to play!


You can customize the game to your liking. You can change the field's size, the number of players, and time limit of rounds. You can also choose between a single player mode, or a two-player mode where you can play against another player.


Single Player Mode

In single-player mode, you face against randomly generated computerized opponents. Your goal as a player is to try and kick the ball into the goal as many times as possible, while the goalie should try their best to keep their goal untouched. Depending on the number of points scored before the time limit runs out, you can win, draw, or lose to the computer.

Two-Player Mode

In two-player mode, you can compete against a friend or family member. Here, the same rules apply as in single-player mode, except you must compete on the same field with each other. The game combines skill and luck to determine the winner, as goals can also be made by accident.


Throughout the game, you can collect powerups that can give you special bonuses. For example, one powerup can freeze the other player, while another can make your shots move faster. Collect as many of these powerups as you can to increase your chances of scoring more goals.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is developed by Flash and Java Games, a game studio located in the United Kingdom. The studio is known for mobile and web-based games, specializing in multiplayer experiences.

Release Date

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer was released on October 5, 2020 on the website and for the Android and iOS platforms.

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How Do I Play?

To play the game, use the left and right arrow keys to control the goalie and the spacebar to jump. For more detailed instructions, refer to the game's tutorial.

Are There Any Cheats?

No, there are no cheats, however, you can collect powerups throughout the game that give you special bonuses.

Where Can I Play?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
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