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Bullet Bonanza


Bullet Bonanza is a free, easy-going alternative to all the First Person Shooters out there. The game has fun graphics, simple gameplay, and savage gunfights that match even the top-grossers of the genre.


  • Sleek cartoony pics with fantastic recreation performance
  • Action-packed online deathmatches that speedy that they end up addictive
  • A preference of lovely animal assassins with customizable skins
  • Various guns across the map

Game Controls

  • Move Up - W
  • Move Down - S
  • Move Left - A
  • Move Right - D
  • Shoot - Left Mouse
  • Adjust aim sensitivity - Up and Down Arrow

You can’t duck or dodge, which can be somewhat of a downside, but that’s compensated by other game mechanics.


How to Play

Choose your character

Choose one of the cute however lethal characters and input your call. You can alternate the color of your animal withinside the backside left. When you are glad together with your call and character, hit 'play' or 'personal server' to leap into the movement.

Battle for dominance

Each participant begins off evolving the sport with fundamental guns which have countless ammo. Fight different gamers in an FFA battle and acquire guns like rocket launchers and device weapons from across the map. Get to the pinnacle of the leaderboard via means of racking up the ills greater than your opponents!


Bullet Bonanza is a classic FPS. In the game lobby, you can pick a character out of the colorful bunch of cartoonish beasts. Some of them can be pretty badass, like the lion, the buffalo, the rhino, and the bulldog. Others are goofy as heck, like the fox, the monkey, and the chicken. Have in mind that most of the characters are not a constant in the game and may appear from time to time.

Colorful and corky, these characters look amazing while running around with their huge guns. They also have comically-big heads, perfect for headshots.


There’s only a single map in the game, which is not particularly large. It consists of a farm with a couple of barns, separated by a lake with a ship, and a mine, that goes through most of the level and can provide an excellent hiding location if you’re low on health. The barns offer excellent “sniper” positions if you’re into fighting from the distance (which can be a successful strategy).

You can spawn everywhere on the map, so be prepared to enter into battle as soon as your feet hit the ground.  You start at 100 health and there are no health packs scattered around the map, but don’t worry, hit points regenerate through time. Just stay out of action for a minute or two and you’ll be fine. Just don’t venture too far away from the main battle theater. The whole map is surrounded by landmines that can kill you in an instant.


To arms! Here’s the arsenal at your disposal. The weapons are not much, but they fit every playing style – fast, slow, precise, huge on ammo, and with heavy damage.

You start with a pistol in each hand. They inflict low damage, but as a basic weapon, they have infinite ammo.

Rocket launcher – the weapon with the heaviest damage. It can kill an opponent with a single shot. On the downside, it has only four rockets on stock, it’s very slow, and can be pretty inaccurate. The Rocket launcher can be used for rocket jumps. Airborne!

  • Tommy gun – many consider this the strongest weapon in the game. It has a fast shooting rate, and a good amount of ammo on stock, and it also deals a good amount of damage.
  • Shotgun – similar to the rocket launcher, but with more ammo. Slow, yet devastating, it is a menace to deal with it in close range, but very ineffective at any more considerable distance.
  • Uzi – the Tommy gun’s baby brother. This is the weapon with the fastest shooting rate in the game. Blink while shooting and you’ll end up with no ammo. However, its damage is very, very light.
  • Rifle – the other candidate for the best weapon, the rifle is the sniper of the game. Slow, precise, and with heavy damage, this gun takes out an opponent with just a couple of precise shots.

What the game lacks

The game lacks several prominent mechanics, that are standard features in most other FPS games around.

Unit collision – this means you can walk right through your opponent’s character. This might help you escape from tight melees.

Fall damage – go on, jump from the highest tower. I dare you!


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Bullet Bonanza is developed by Kiloo.

Release Date

May 2021

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Game Controls


Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right


Left Mouse
Adjust aim sensitivity
Up and Down Arrows

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