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Mr Smith is a fun, arcade-style game that combines elements of classic arcade games and new elements, making it a unique experience. The objective of the game is to keep Mr Smith alive while he is running through a variety of obstacles. The game will a


  • Classic arcade-style gameplay
  • Bright and colorful artstyle
  • Variety of obstacles and enemies
  • Power-ups to increase score and progress
  • Traps, puzzles and secret areas
  • Upgrade system and

    Game Controls

    • Up Arrow - Jump
    • Left and Right Arrows - Move Left and Right
    • Spacebar - Shoot

How to Play


Mr Smith is best played with a keyboard, but will work with gamepads or other controllers as well. To set up the game, simply choose the player name and settings. The game settings include difficulty level, number of lives, and time limit


  • Web
  • Android
  • IOS


The game was developed by Big Play Games, a small independent game studio located in Croatia. Big Play Games have released several titles in the past and have established a reputation for creating high-quality games that are both engaging and entertain

Release Date

Mr Smith was released in May 2018.

Similar games

Other games that are similar to Mr Smith in terms of gameplay and artstyle are Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog and Rayman Legends.


What Are the Game Controls?

  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Left and Right Arrows - Move Left and Right
  • Spacebar - Shoot

Does the Game Have an Upgrade System?

Yes, the game has an upgrade system where y

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