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Julgames Games

Julgames is an independent studio supporting the development, production, distribution and promotion of free browser-based multiplayer games. Founded in 2016 in Croatia, Julgames has grown to become one of the leading developers of online, browser-based games, offering an extensive portfolio of titles for other developers and publishers. Julgame's games are accessible through the website, providing players with a large selection of web-browser games for all levels of skill, play type and age.

Types of Julgames Games

Julgames offers an impressive portfolio of browser-based multiplayer titles ranging from action, strategy and adventure genre games to exciting card games, brain teasers and puzzle games. Games are suitable for all ages, interests and levels of skill, as well as varying levels of complexity, so everyone can find something that suits their tastes and desires.

The types of Julgames games offered include:

  • Action
  • Strategy
  • Adventure
  • Card games
  • Brain teaser
  • Puzzle Games

Best Browser Julgames Games

Julgames is known for its innovative and unique games, which are well cared for and updated regularly by the development team. Some of the most beloved Julgames games on are:

  • Trike Wars
  • Halls of Masks
  • Multiplayer Uno
  • Ancient Runes
  • The Epic Quiz
  • Crazy Minesweeper

For an exciting and challenging browser game experience, look no further than Julgames on!