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Adam and Eve GO

Category: Action

Adam and Eve GO is a fun and challenging puzzle adventure game developed for web browsers. Players take control of Adam, a brave and adventurous explorer, and Eve, a brave and loyal partner in his journey throughout the mysterious and dangerous world. This game provides hours of entertainment as you solve challenging puzzles and uncover the secrets of this exotic world. From explosive volcanoes to impassable mazes, Adam and Eve GO tests your problem-solving skills while making you laugh at the same time. Get ready to experience a thrilling adventure as you bravely explore Adam and Eve's world.


  • A fun and challenging puzzle adventure
  • Recover special items to unlock new areas
  • Fight powerful enemies using various weapons
  • Uncover secrets and solve dangerous puzzles
  • Meet friendly characters who can offer valuable help
  • Explore a vast and exotic world

Game Controls

Adam and Eve GO is played with the use of the mouse and keyboard. Players must use the mouse to control the movement of Adam and Eve, to target enemies and interact with different items in the environment. The keyboard is used for alternate control options such as hotkeys for different items and character abilities.

How to Play

Character Movement

In Adam and Eve GO, players control the characters Adam and Eve to explore the world. Moving Adam and Eve is handled with the mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to moveAdam and Eve in the direction of movement. Keep in mind that when moving any character, the health bar of that character will deplete and he/she must keep an eye on the remaining health or they will be vulnerable to attacks.

Interacting With the Environment

Adam and Eve can interact with the environment by picking up items, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. To pick up items, simply move Adam and Eve towards the item and click the mouse button. To solve puzzles, look for clues around the environment and be sure to pay attention to gathered items, as these items can be used to solve puzzles. Lastly, to defeat enemies Adam and Eve can use a variety of weapons such as swords and guns. Aim with the mouse and click the mouse button to attack enemies.



The game world of Adam and Eve GO is vast and expansive, and you'll be able to explore mysterious caves, abandoned castles, and dark forests. On your exploration, you'll find items, uncover secrets, and complete puzzles that help to progress further into the adventure. You'll also have to jump across various obstacles, like ledges and floating rocks, to access new areas.


Combat plays an important role in Adam and Eve GO, and you'll have to use various weapons such as swords, guns, and slingshots to fight off powerful enemies. You'll also be able to craft new items with found materials, like wood and steel, and discover new weapons to add to your arsenal.


Adam and Eve aren't the only characters you'll encounter in Adam and Eve GO. You'll be able to meet and help out other characters along the way, some of whom can provide valuable items or give you clues to progress the story.


Adam and Eve GO is available on web browsers, Android and iOS devices.


Adam and Eve GO was developed by Playrix Entertainment, a leading developer of casual games for mobile, console and web platforms.

Release Date

Adam and Eve GO was released in April 2019.

Similar games

Games that are similar to Adam and Eve GO include Farfetch'd Story by Grab Games, Reversion by Cartustic, and The Last Obelisk by Iron Mountain Interactive.


Q: Can I play Adam and Eve GO on my phone?

Yes, Adam and Eve GO is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Q: Is Adam and Eve GO free to play?

Yes, Adam and Eve GO is a free to play game.

Q: What kind of puzzles can I expect to encounter?

  • Logic puzzles such as solving riddles and mazes
  • Enigma puzzles that require trial-and-error to solve
  • Physics-based puzzles that require understanding of the environment
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