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Bob the Robber is an exciting action-filled game where the player takes on the role of Bob, the sneaky thief, who needs to sneak around places, steal items, and avoid detection. Bob the Robber is a web game that is available on web, Android, and iOS. I


  • Stealth and action gameplay for all age groups.
  • Realistic environments.
  • Variety of objectives to complete.
  • Gadgets and items to collect.
  • Challenging puzzles and enemies.

Game Controls

  • Movement - Arrow Keys.
  • Interact - Space.
  • Pause - P.
  • Choose Item - X.

How to Play


The player must complete the objectives of each level in Bob the Robber and progress through the levels. Each objective is laid out at the start of the level and can vary from level to level. Goals can range from stealing items and mo


  • Web - Playable on desktop and mobile website.
  • Android - Playable on Android mobile and tablet devices.
  • iOS - Playable on Apple mobile and tablet devices.


Bob the Robber is developed by Funtomic, a game development studio with a passion for creating exciting adventures and puzzles. Funtomic designs innovative and interactive games with beautiful visuals and gripping narratives, and Bob the Robber is one

Release Date

Bob the Robber was first released on the web in June 2020, and the Android and iOS versions were released later in the year.

Similar games

If you like Bob the Robber, you may also like other games from Funtomic such as Chef Samurai, Stickman Ninja, and Bubble Blast. All of these are action-packed and puzzle-filled games with exciting visuals and challenging levels.


What is the objective of Bob the Robber?

The objective of Bob the Robber is to complete each level's objectives by stealing valuables and avoiding guards and cameras. The objectives may vary from level to level.

What platforms is this ga

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