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Xmas Draw is a fun, festive and family-oriented web game! It is one of the best holiday-themed games out there. The game has simple controls and gameplay and it's suitable for kids and adults alike. The mission of the game is to collect as many Christm


  • Choose from various characters to play the game
  • Collect Christmas presents to score points
  • Avoid enemies and obstacles to survive
  • Level up your character to gain special abilities
  • Compete with your Friends or other

    Game Controls

    • Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to move the character left or right.
    • Space Bar: Use the space bar to make the character jump.

How to Play

Choose your character

When you launch the game, you get to choose your character. You can pick your favorite character from a wide selection. Once you choose, you can start the game.

Start collecting

The main objective of the game



The game has two modes: single player and multiplayer. In single-player mode, you play alone and compete against your own high score. In multiplayer, you can challenge your friends or other players and compete for the highest score.

  • The game is available to be played on a web browser.
  • The game can be downloaded for Android devices.
  • The game can also be downloaded for iOS devices.


Xmas Draw was developed by Say Games. Say Games is an independent game development studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They specialize in the development of casual and family-oriented games.

Release Date

Xmas Draw was released in November 2020.

Similar games

Other similar holiday-themed games include Christmas Catcher, Holiday Pop and Christmas Caper.


How do I move my character?

You can move your character by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

How do I jump?

You can jump by pressing the space bar on the keyboard.

Where do I find power-ups?

You can find power-up

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