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Hungry Shark Arena

Category: Action
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Hungry Shark Arena is an MMOBA, developed by the big sharks of Ubisoft. Hunt, kill, and grow, but avoid bigger sharks, for they won’t hesitate to eat you.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to control your shark.


Your shark gets dropped from the sky into the ocean along with other sharks. Feed on the surrounding fauna in order to get to the top of the food chain.


Sharks have sizes and they grow (or level up) as they hunt and eat. You start as XS and grow to L and beyond. This comes into the matter when hunting – you just cannot attack way too big game. At first, you start with eating small fish or birds. As you grow you can hunt manatees, swimmers, divers, and other sharks.

Just don’t eat the mines. They will explode in your face. After all, that’s what mines do.


The game is a PVP MOA, and the action starts when your baby shark (do-do-do) loses its protective bubble. And size matters, you can’t attack bigger sharks, so feed on the smaller ones. But don’t forget that there’s always a bigger fish that would hunt you down.

Be sure to stick around the big group. After one shark kills another the area is full of edible meat that helps you grow a lot!


Each shark has three main stats – Speed, Dash Range, and Dash Rate. Here’s where the differences between the three shark breeds lie.

  • Brawler – Speed, Range, and Rate are balanced. An ultimate fighter, the Brawler is good in all three, but not excellent in any.
  • Hunter – it has a maximum speed, but weak Dash Range and Dash Rate.
  • Charger – Excellent Range and Rate, but with a very, very low speed.


The shop provides skin changes for all shark breeds. They do not affect your gameplay but look awesome. The skins can be acquired with coins, by watching an ad, or as Daily Rewards.


Hungry Shark Arena is one of the signature games of Ubisoft Nano, the browser game platform of the company. Other cool games featured there include Rabbids Wild Race and Trackmania Blitz.

Release Date

July 2021

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Hungry Shark Arena is an Action game and is tagged in Battle and  Kill. It shares a lot of similarities with Brave Knight of Epic Fantasy Adventure, Mr. Smith, and Monster Underground.

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