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Air Wars 3 is a 3D multiplayer online shooting game that is played over the web. In this game, you will take part in aerial warfare with other players to conquer the skies. You can be a fighter jet pilot or an ace pilot, shooting down enemies and dodgi


  • 3D Multiplayer web-based shooting game
  • Variety of levels and missions
  • Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Last Man Standing game modes
  • Character customization with avatars, clothes and emblems
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    Game Controls

    • Movement – W, A, S, D
    • Fire – Left Mouse Button
    • Jet Boost – Right Mouse Button
    • Weapons – Q-o
    • Air-Strike – V

How to Play

The first step in playing Air Wars 3 is to create an account with your email and password. You can then customize your character's appearance and choose a fighter jet or ace pilot. You can then decide on a gamemode and join the game.

Game Modes



The goal of Air Wars 3 is to conquer the skies by shooting down other players and winning battles. You can do this by using your weapons and items such as cannons, missiles, bombs, and other. You can also use jet boosts and air-strikes


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Air Wars 3 was developed by a small team of developers from India, who are dedicated to creating the best 3D online shooting game experience for its players.

Release Date

Air Wars 3 was initially released in May 2021.

Similar games

Some other similar games to Air Wars 3 include: War Thunder, Ace Combat 7, and Dogfight Elite.


How do I join a game?

To join a game in Air Wars 3, you first need to create an account and customize your character. You then need to decide on a game mode and join the game.

What are the available game modes?

  • Team Death Ma

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