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Spider Hero Street Fight is a fast-paced action web game that lets players become their favorite super hero and fight against crime in their home city. Players will have to use their superhuman powers to defeat enemies, complete levels and save their c


  • Fast-paced, frenetic combat
  • Detailed, vibrant graphics
  • Customizable character options
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Varied enemies
  • Special powers
  • Rewards for achieving milestones
  • Game Controls
    • Move Left/Right - A and D keys
    • Jump - W key
    • Duck - S key
    • Attack - Left Mouse click
    • Block - Right Mouse click

How to Play

Initial Setup

When players first start the game they will be asked to select a super hero, with several different choices available. They will have to select their hero and then customize it, adjusting the costume and color as desired. After th


The game is available for web-based play.


Spider Hero Street Fight is developed by Superhero Games.

Release Date

The game was released on June 1st, 2018.

Similar games

If you're a fan of Spider Hero Street Fight, you should also check out the web versions of Superhero Defenders and Ultimate Avengers. Both of these games offer various pieces of super-hero content, including combat and customization options.


How do I customize my character?

Once you select your hero, you can customize it, adjusting the costume and color as desired. You can also unlock additional costumes and upgrades for your hero by completing levels and achieving milestones.


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