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Evo-F 4

Category: Driving
Tags: Stunt | 3d | Webgl | Simulation | Car |

Evo-F 4 is a new web game where you get to race against other players online in real-time and customize way more than just the look of your car! This game offers more racing options than any other game of its kind, with more racetracks and more vehicles to choose from. You can compete against opponents, collect power-ups, and take part in tournaments to win awesome prizes as you climb up the global leaderboard!


  • Real-time online racing against players from around the world
  • Wide selection of vehicles and customization options
  • Various game modes and tournaments
  • Power-ups spread across racetracks
  • Rewards for every successful race
  • Global leaderboard to compete and climb up
  • Wide selection of racetracks with unique challenges
  • Regular updates with new features

Game Controls

  • Accelerate Arrows - UP/DOWN or W/S or Space
  • Turn - LEFT/RIGHT or A/D
  • Nitro - Left Shift or /
  • Drift - X or Z or K
  • Offroad - C or V
  • Inspect - M or TAB

How to Play


Evo-F 4 is incredibly easy to get started with. Just create your account and login from any device - desktops, laptops, tablets, even your mobile phone. Once your account is set-up, you can customize the look of your car and select your vehicle for the game. Plus, you’ll get a notification whenever a new tournament is about to start - so you’ll never miss a chance to compete for a win!

Game Modes & Tournaments

Evo-F 4 offers a wide variety of different game modes, making it easy to find the perfect balance between fun and challenge. You can choose to play a Normal Race or join a tournament to compete against other players. The tournaments provide a chance to earn rewards such as coins, points and avatar clothes.

When joining the tournament, you will be presented with a selection of tracks to choose from. There are a variety of tracks, each with its own unique geometry and obstacles. The selected track will determine your total lap count and other rules. The total lap count will determine how long the race will last - so be prepared to race full throttle!


Once the race starts, it’s time to put your skills to the test! The key to winning is not only driving fast, but also managing your speed and trajectory perfectly. You have to make sure to drift at the right time and also to use nitro strategically to gain an edge over your opponents. You can also collect power-ups that randomly spread across the racetracks and use them to your advantage.

The goal is to finish first and make your way up the global leaderboard. Every time you place first in a race, you will be rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase new vehicles, upgrades, power-ups, and new racetracks. Every time you perform a stunt or make a jump, you will gain a boost of nitro to make sure you don't fall behind!


  • Web - Playable on any desktop or laptop device
  • Android - Downloadable on Play Store
  • iOS - Downloadable on App Store


Evo-F 4 was developed by a team of experienced game developers from around the world. They specialize in creating exciting and immersive racing experiences and have crafted Evo-F 4 to be one of their best games yet.

Release Date

Evo-F 4 was released on June 15, 2020.

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How do I play the game?

To play the game, you have to create an account and log in. Then you’ll be able to customize the look of your car and select the vehicle you want to race with. You can then choose the game mode you’d like to play and join a tournament. Once the race starts, you have to manage your speed and trajectory, collect power-ups and make your way up the leaderboard!

What platforms can I play Evo-F 4 on?

  • Web - Playable on any desktop or laptop device
  • Android - Downloadable on Play Store
  • iOS - Downloadable on App Store
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