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Hole io


Hole.io allows you to absorb all that is in your path. Start as a black hole, and then expand to absorb more objects. You can absorb more objects into the void the larger you become. You can continue this process until you consume entire civilizations.

How to Play

Grow games are usually endless, and players focus more on eating other people to reap big rewards. Then, after you've been eaten, you can start over.Hole.io is a different game. You can absorb other players but the goal is to eat as many objects and as many people as possible. This allows you grow quickly within the time limit of two minutes. You only need to wait a few seconds to respawn if you have been consumed.


This version is based upon the game by Voodoo. Paper.io is another great.io game you should check out!

Release Date

The game was initially released on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) in June 2018. The online version has been available since July 2018.


Can you play Hole.io online?

Yes, Hole.io can be played in both your browser and on your mobile device.

Are Hole.io players real or bots?

Bots are also Hole.io players.

How to play Hole.io?

What is the maximum size of the Hole in Hole.io?

Hole.io's maximum hole size is the map size.