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Friday Night Funki Huggie Wuggie is an exciting, arcade-style game in which players work to match the beat and assemble funny animations. The objective is simple: get your character to do some sort of funky dancing and make as many points as you can. P


  • Exciting, Arcade-style Gameplay
  • Different Characters to choose from, each with their own unique moves and appearance
  • Test your reflexes to the beat of the music
  • Unlock achievements and gain rewards for each level co

    Game Controls

    • Spacebar
    • Arrow keys
    • WASD keys

How to Play

Set Up The Game

The game can be played on a laptop or PC with a web browser. Once you have opened the game website, click on β€˜Start’ to begin. The game will prompt you to choose a character. Here, you can pick from a range of characters, each w


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Friday Night Funki Huggie Wuggie was developed by the independent game studio Wabooz. The company has been making games since 2019 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Release Date

Friday Night Funki Huggie Wuggie was released on November 17 2020.

Similar games

If you're looking for similar games, then you should check out: Tap Tap Dance, Beat Blaster and Dance Dash, just to name a few. All three are rhythm-based games where you must keep up with the music to win.


What game engine is used to develop the game?

Friday Night Funki Huggie Wuggie is developed using the Unity game engine.

What platforms can I play the game on?

Friday Night Funki Huggie Wuggie can be played on Web, Android, and iO

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