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Blob Opera

Category: Arcade
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You don’t have to be a music master to play Blob Opera. Just follow the instructions on the screen. You can change the note by moving up and down or c...
Blob Opera is an experiment in music developed by David Li and Google Arts & Culture. Blob Opera uses machine learning models that are trained on real voices. This makes it possible for anyone to create operatic music.

How to Play

How To Play

Blob Opera is not a difficult game. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can modify the note by moving up or down, and the vowel by moving from one side to the other.Once you have mastered opera, you can click the record button and share your results with friends. The toggle at the bottom right corner adds a festive theme and flair to your masterpiece.



Web browser (desktop, mobile)


This game was developed by David Li and Google Arts and Culture.

Release Date

December 2020

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Game Controls

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Left Mouse