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Share Icon invites players to build a prosperous civilization and explore the world in a colorful platform game. The game combines city building, trading, and combat for an all-rounded adventure, topped off with surprises like bosses and seasonal events


  • A colorful and intuitive game world
  • Captivating city building system
  • Fast-paced combat system
  • Challenging bosses and monsters
  • >NPCs with rich dialogue
  • Rewarding rewards
  • Seasona

    Game Controls

    • Mouse for navigating the menu
    • Left Click for controlling the on-screen characters
    • Right Click for choosing different skills
    • Space Bar for attacking enemies
    • Number Key for using special skills

      How to Play

      Set Up Your Character

      First, you need to create your character by words and pictures. Pick a humanoid race and customizing them with different hairstyles, hats, and weapons. After setting up the look of your character, you can give him a name a


      • Web
      • Android
      • iOS

      Developer was created and developed by Heathen Games Studio. Heathen Games is a small independent game studio that was established in 2018. The studio is focused on creating fun, varied and immersive gaming worlds. Their mission is to create unique wor

      Release Date was initially released in December of 2019 and has been continuously updated with new content, features and bug fixes. The game is backed by a community of passionate fans and developers who continue to support the game and make suggestions f

      Similar games

      There are many games with similar themes like, such as Kingdoms and Castles and Civilization VI. Kingdoms and Castles is another city builder with a fantasy setting that encourages players to protect their villages from invaders. Civilization


      Is free?

      Yes, is free to play. There are some optional in-game purchases available.

      Can I play without internet connection?

      No, this game requires an active internet connection.

      What platforms

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