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Impostor is an exciting, suspenseful, and action-packed 2D strategy game that allows players to embark on a mission to save the human race by becoming an X-operator and playing as either the human or alien attacker. This game is all about wits, fast re


  • Highly detailed graphics and sound
  • Unique gaming experience with various game mechanics
  • Sync up to 10 accounts on multiple devices
  • Wide variety of weapons, items, and abilities
  • Online leaderboard to track

    Game Controls

    • Movement: Arrow keys/WASD
    • Shoot: Left-click
    • Ability: Right-click
    • Menu: Escape

How to Play

Impostor is a two-dimensional strategy game that involves outsmarting and defeating opponents as either a human or an alien impostor. To be successful, players must use a combination of observation, reflexes and wits to identify and eliminate the enemy


Impostor is a fast-paced game that is full of suspense and action. Players will have to use their wits and reflexes to outsmart the enemy and complete their mission. The game is split into two teams that are competing against each other. Each team has


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


The game was developed by Cip

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