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SeaDragons.io is a free-to-play, browser-based online game. Players must explore underwater depths and build a team of unique and powerful dragons and fight to protect the underwater world. The game was created using HTML5 technology, and is playable on any browser including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.


  • Explore beautiful and vibrant underwater world
  • Collect powerful items and upgrade your dragon
  • Fight against bosses, enemies, and other players
  • Join forces with your friends and vanilla to challenging dungeons
  • Compete against other players in the online arena

Game Controls

SeaDragons.io is mostly played with mouse and keyboard. Players control their dragons with the mouse and keyboard, which determines the direction of their movements and allows them to attack or cast spells.

How to Play

Choose Your Dragon and Explore the Depths

Before beginning the game players must select their dragon. SeaDragons.io offers many different dragons, each with unique stats and abilities. After a dragon is selected, they can begin to explore the depths. The game world is immersive and vibrant, packed with treasures, enemies, and bosses.

Fight with Powerful Dragons

Players must fight their way through various levels and complete various tasks in order to protect their underwater world. They control their dragons using the mouse and keyboard for their movements and attack. By vanquishing enemies and bosses, players can earn XP and level up their dragons, unlocking new abilities.

Raid Dungeons and Collect Treasures

Players will also encounter dungeons, which are full of powerful enemies that must be defeated in order to collect treasure. Each dungeon requires a certain set of skills and strategy to be successful, so players must think fast and choose the right abilities to overcome the challenge.


Exploring The Map

The game world of SeaDragons.io is vast and filled with various opportunities. Players can explore the depths and discover unique monsters, hidden treasures, and bosses. By exploring the map players can uncover new areas and reach higher levels.

Leveling Up and Collecting Powerful Items

The ultimate goal of SeaDragons.io is to level up your dragon, defeat bosses, and collect powerful items. Players can gain XP by fighting enemies and completing challenging dungeon levels. Once enough XP is gained the dragon level can be increased, unlocking new abilities and stats.

Online Arena and Team Battles

SeaDragons.io also provides a competitive online arena that allows players to test their skills against other players. Players can also join forces and form teams to fight in team battles. These team battles can be accessed through the in-game chat system.


SeaDragons.io is available on web, Android and iOS. Players can access the mobile version of the game by downloading the official app on the Play Store or App Store.


SeaDragons.io is developed by Pirates Games. Pirates Games is a team of passionate game developers from Seattle, Washington with a common goal of creating fun and exciting games.

Release Date

SeaDragons.io was released in August 2018.

Similar games

Similar games to SeaDragons.io include Shooty Skies, Merge Dragons, and Mystic Creatures. All three games offer a unique gaming experience and involve collecting items, fighting monsters, and taking on challenges.


Is SeaDragons.io Free?

Yes, SeaDragons.io is free-to-play and available on web, Android and iOS.

What Makes SeaDragons.io Unique?

SeaDragons.io is a unique game because it combines elements of exploration and dragon-battling. Players can explore the depths and find new challenges while also engaging in combat with powerful dragons.

What Kind of Dragons Can I Collect?

SeaDragons.io has a large selection of different dragons, each with unique stats and abilities. You can collect dragons of all different types, from fire-breathing dragons to water dragons and even mythical creatures.

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