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Paper Minecraft is an adventure game that takes place in a block world of blocks and characters. The game involves your character going through a series of exciting and challenging levels as he tries to overcome obstacles, fight enemies, and explore th


  • Paper Mario inspired art style
  • Exciting and challenging levels
  • Unique and seamlessly blending combat and puzzle solving mechanics
  • Diverse environments and characters
  • The possibility to carry up to 4 weapon

    Game Controls

    • Arrow Keys - Move character
    • Shift - Run
    • Space - Jump
    • A - Attack
    • S - Switch weapons
    • Q - Quick save
    • W - Quick load

How to Play

Playing Paper Minecraft is easy, it follows the classic controls of old-school adventure games. Your character is controlled by the arrow keys and you can run, jump and attack with the A, Shift and Space keys respectively.


Your ch


Paper Minecraft is an exploration and combat game. It is divided into levels where the player goes through different environments and fights enemies while trying to progress to the next area.


The combat system in the game is a mix


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


The developer of Paper Minecraft is Indie studio Pixelamations, a team of independent artists and game developers from around the world.

Release Date

Paper Minecraft was released in November 2020.

Similar games

If you enjoy Paper Minecraft, you might also like other blocky exploration adventure games such as Block World, Pixel Adventure and Bricks and Blocks.


What platforms is Paper Minecraft available on?

Paper Minecraft is available on Web, Android and iOS.

How many weapons can I carry in the game?

You can carry up to 4 weapons at once.

Are there any boss battles in the game?<

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