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Side Scrolling Games

Side-scrolling games are side-scrolling platformer games, a subgenre of action video games. Platforming games involve characters jumping and hopping across obstacles to progress. This creates a distinct, high energy experience that still popular with gaming audiences today.

In a side-scrolling platformer, you guide your character across the screen from left to right or right to left (each of which may have their own control schemes). As you progress, you can defeat enemies, collect coins and power-ups, and dodge obstacles to get closer to the level’s end. Side-scrolling platformers also feature unique characters, levels, and bosses.

Types of Side Scrolling Games

With side scrolling games, you can expect some exciting action, but the genre also has game mechanics that make it stand out from other types of games. Our list of side scrolling games includes:

  • Action games such as shooters, brawlers, and runners
  • Puzzle games that require problem-solving skills to progress
  • Adventure games that ask player choices as they progress
  • Racing games that involve racing against other characters or the clock

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