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Terraria (Scratch Version)


Terraria (Scratch Version) is an exploration-survival game developed for library websites, where you take control of an adventurous little character in a beautiful, 8-bit pixelated world. Your main objective is to explore the world, gather resources, craft the items you need, build shelters from the environment, and battle against the never-ending waves of monsters and bosses. While you’re exploring, you’ll also have to make sure your health bar is full, your inventory has needed resources and items, and that you don’t miss any important upgrades or quest items.


  • Explore a beautiful 8-bit world filled with items and enemies
  • Gather resources to craft powerful items and weapons
  • Complete quests and upgrade your gear
  • Unique enemies and bosses with challenging AI
  • Allow players to build their own house with custom furniture

Game Controls

  • Keyboard - Movement, Crafting, Special Action, Combat, Character Select
  • Mouse - Selection, Interactions, Screen Movement

How to Play

Character Creation

When beginning a new game, you will navigate to the character selection screen. This is where you will create your custom character. You can customize their colors, name, and gender. Once you have finished customizing your character, you’ll need to select the difficulty level.


On the map when you start, different items can be collected like wood, rocks, and iron ore. When you’re exploring, you’ll come across vines, living trees, monsters, various biomes, caves, and much more. To explore the map and find resources, special items, and NPCs, you’ll need to use the movement keys (arrow keys) on the keyboard to move your character around. When entering an area, a pink box will appear, use this to select any items you find on the ground and in chests.

Combat and Player Progression

Combat in Terraria (Scratch Version) is real-time, with a mixture of action and strategy. The player must manually aim their weaponry and can be attacked by multiple enemies at once. In order to progress and acquire higher-tier and better gear, players must defeat bosses and build up their gear by exploring and gathering resources. The game offers a system of skill-based abilities and attributes that can be upgraded through gameplay.



The ability to craft weapons, tools, armor and other items is an essential part of the Terraria (Scratch Version) gameplay. The resources you find while exploring will come in handy when it comes to crafting. To craft an item, you'll need to select it in the crafting interface, which will require specific resources to create. Once you're done, you'll be able to equip the item and use it in your adventures.


Building is another big part of the game, where you can create your own house by collecting the necessary resources. The house must have walls and a roof to be able to stand. You'll also have plenty of options when it comes to furniture to decorate your house. You'll need to build different kinds of materials to make furniture.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Terraria (Scratch Version) was developed by Terraria Development, a small game development studio headed by Brian Massey, who has a passion for creating challenging and fun games with an 8-bit aesthetic.

Release Date

Terraria (Scratch Version) was released on April 1, 2019.

Similar games

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What is the aim of the game?

The aim of the game is to explore the world, collect resources, craft items, build structures, and battle monsters.

Can multiple players play Terraria (Scratch Version)?

Yes, Terraria (Scratch Version) supports both local and online multiplayer.

Do I need to pay for the game?

No, Terraria (Scratch Version) is completely free to play.

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